What My Clients Are Saying

“Rachel’s mediation services helped ease the tension during the tough time of the custody/visitation process. She was able to clearly explain the procedures, and what each parent can expect from their side. She truly had the child’s best interest at heart, while supporting each of the parents separately. Without the help of Rachel, the mutual agreement would have not been reached in a timely professional manner. I would recommend her to anyone needing help with parental mediation services.” RB

“Thank you! You make a difference in this world.” FS

“We sincerely appreciate the service you have provided us.  We will stay connected and will definitely solicit your guidance again if needed.” JD

“We did have a few hiccups after we met you, but we were able to figure it out based on what we learned from you.” AB

“Thanks for checking in!  They are doing MUCH better! Anyway, I thank you for working with them.  It seems to have made a huge difference!!” PD

“Rachel has a gift for helping people sort out what the main issues are! “JR

“I wish to thank you for all you’ve done to help in this situation. It’s very appreciated for all your hard work. ” RM

“Rachel, thank you for helping us resolve this.   I am so relieved we could work this out. Happiest holidays to you!” BM

Rachel, thank you for your time today, as per usual the conversations I had with you are always amazing and helpful in coming to a resolution to all of this stuff going on.” TJP

“Good afternoon Ms. Donovan, Thank you so much. You were fair and just. Your report was very well said. God bless.” HS

“Thank you again. I did share your contact info with a friend of a friend today.” LM

“Rachel Donovan, Mediator at Albuquerque, New Mexico helped me through a difficult situation. She was calm and organized in her approach to getting the facts straight without any allowable confusion from both parties involved. She helped us understand that people make mistakes and that holding onto unnecessary animosity is not healthy. Fairness is all that people really ask for.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Rachel when you need a hand in settling a dispute.” LD