About Us

Albuquerque Mediation Services offers guidance and strategies for clients who have disagreements. Conflict is normal, let us guide you through the process that will allow you to move forward with agreement.  Mediation helps people clarify the issues, identify their objectives, and most often come to a healthy resolution of their own design. Loving peace, I have long wanted to find a way to help people who are going through the difficulties that discord with others brings. We did not get here because someone failed. Conflict is communication. We just help make it healthier.

In addition to mediation, I have been a Chaplain for the Albuquerque Police Department, Bernalillo County Fire Department, and the Albuquerque Regional Community Chaplain Corps. I feel mediation and Chaplaincy and their respective training go hand in hand with helping people walk through the difficult parts of life.   

I have additional training in emergency management, and peer-to-peer support for the military, public safety, police, and fire department personnel.  

TO CONTACT us email today at: abqmediation@gmail.com

For all of these reasons…