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Albuquerque Mediation

About Us

Rachel Donovan
Loving peace, I have long wanted to find a way to help people who are going through the difficulties that discord with others brings. After my first Ombuds class in 2013, I was hooked! I started the training required to make that happen. My initial basic and advanced mediation classes were with UNM Law School. In the following years I mediated every chance I could find and took every mediation and communication class I could. Fast forward to today, I mediate in the 13th District court specializing in family mediation, including divorce, parentage, support, etc.

In addition to mediation, I am also a Chaplain for the Albuquerque Police Department, Reserve Chaplain for Bernalillo County Fire Department, and the Albuquerque Regional Community Chaplain Corps. I feel the mediation and Chaplaincy go hand in hand with helping people walk through trauma, or, drama. I am working on my degree in communication and plan on having that finished within the next few years. I have additional training in emergency management, and peer to peer support for public safety, police and fire personnel.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, I moved out to New Mexico in 2004. I have had a 30 year career as a mortgage banker, written and published a book.

For all of these reasons…